5 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Frames

Picture frames are some of the most popular decor items for a home. Displaying personal photos all around the house is a great way to personalize your space and display your happiest moments. While photos do make for great decor, picture frames don't have to be limited to just photos. If you've been thinking about changing up the way you use your picture frames, try re-purposing them with one of these creative ideas.

Use frames for artwork: Instead of filling your frames with pictures, use the empty structure of the frame as artwork for your walls. You can use multiple empty frames and layer them to fit your style. First, create your layout on the floor, then glue together all the pieces, and then hang the single structure on your wall. All colors, sizes, and styles of frames work well for this idea, so any extra frames you have will do the job.

Make a serving tray: Using a frame of a reasonable size (at least 8.5 x 11), insert a picture or piece of fabric with a pattern of your choosing. Before closing the frame up, put a piece of glass in front of the picture or fabric; this will act as the surface of the tray. Now your old frame can be used as a serving tray or kept on a coffee table as a decorative piece.

Create a decorative key holder: Tired of looking everywhere for your keys? Take an empty picture frame and use a hot glue gun to glue as many hooks as you need to the inside of the frame. This creates a decorative place for you to hang your keys.

Make your own clock: Use twelve of your most decorative frames and print out the numbers of a clock to put inside the frames. On the wall, arrange the frames in a clock position; you can even add arrows in the center to give an authentic clock look. You can also just keep the twelve, nine, six, and three frames up, and put your favorite quotes in the other frames.

Hang your jewelry: A nice picture frame can help your jewelery become decoration for your room. Put a solid or patterned pin cushion inside an empty frame, get some decorative pins, and hang your favorite pieces of jewelery.

Picture frames are a staple decoration in many people's homes. By re purposing your picture frames either yourself or with the help of a frame company like The Picture Frame Factory, you can improve your decor and add a unique touch to your home.