Unique Ways To Display Framed Pictures

Picture frames are designed to showcase the photo within and make the finished product perfect for display. When you spend a lot of time having your most treasured moments placed in custom picture frames, you want to display them in unique ways that add appeal to your walls. Here are some unique ways to display framed pictures that help your photos stand out while adding appeal to your decor.


Use track lighting to showcase custom-framed pictures from a single event. You can choose a graduation, wedding, or birth of a child to showcase. Choose a few of your favorite framed pictures and place them side-by-side along your wall. Add track lighting above them to illuminate them. Complete this well-lit display by placing smaller-framed photos under the larger ones to create the illusion of a collage.

Family circle 

Choose a favorite quote about your family and have it placed on your wall. Take your framed family photos and place them in a circular pattern around your wall quote for a lovely tribute to your family ties. This circular display works best when all photos are the same size and in identical frames. Your custom framer can help you choose the right frames for this design so you don't overpower the unique display with bulky or too-colorful framing.

Collage style

A dining room, hobby room, or living area is the perfect place to create a picture frame collage. A collage on your wall is ideal if you have many custom-framed photos in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose an area on your wall that you want to work with, then line your photos up in a random order. Make a row of photos, then repeat the process until you have a few rows on your wall. To keep your collage cheeky and fun, change up the row of photos every month or so, so you never have the same display for too long. This is a great way to not only show off your favorite shots but give your frames center stage as well.

Your custom frames deserve to be displayed beautifully in your home. You can go classic and chic with track lighting or choose a fun and charming display like a family circle around a quote. A collage displays your family's sense of fun and whimsy. However you choose to display your custom frames, you can make your home look amazing when you think outside the box in design. For more ideas, speak with professionals like InstaFrame Galleries.