Rustic Cabin Decor

Looking for ideas on decorating your rustic cabin? Here are some suggestions. 


Some of the most important elements of your rustic cabin decor are the obvious bits like furniture. Chairs and tables of the right color and design can add greatly to the desired naturalistic style. Consider wooden tables and chairs with darker shades of brown and simple rather than elegant designs. For couches and beds, consider using "natural" colors like beige, light brown, light grey, or reddish brown. Find couch and bed covers with gentle, simple patterns or designs that show images of wildlife. Nice additions include throw pillows with animals embroidered on them such as bears and deer.

Wall Decor 

There are many options to consider regarding the wall decor of your rustic cabin. Mirrors can help make a small room look bigger, but they should be used conservatively so they don't stand out too much. You can frame mirrors with natural or imitation wood to help it blend in. Hanging art like nature scenes or pictures of animals can be a very nice addition. There are also clocks and shelves designed to look natural and rugged. Dark wooden coat hangers as well as wooden wall and window bordering are also popular. 

Taxidermy Animals or Replicas 

Hunters and those who love the outdoors should consider adding some animal taxidermy to the rustic cabin. Good examples are fish mounts against wooden boards, deer heads with antlers, bear heads, hanging skins of raccoon, squirrel, and stoat, and small, lifelike mounts of foxes, rabbits, or otters. Taxidermy game birds such as ducks and geese are also good features to consider. If you do not like hunting or taxidermy, models and replicas can be crafted by specialists and purchased with the promise that no animal was harmed. 

Other Ideas to Consider 

  • Fireplace decor: consider adding imitation stone design around your fireplace if you have one, as this looks more natural than normal wall or brick. Also consider dark wood mantles and stone hearths. 
  • Coat racks: smooth wooden poles with simple but elegant bases and tips, with coat hangers attached to the upper third of the pole.
  • Fishing rod racks: three-tiered structure for holding fishing rods. They can be basic metal or a more expensive wooden styled type.
  • Outlet covers: small pieces that fit over power outlets made to look like rough wood and often decorated with images of leaves and trees.
  • Miscellaneous animal decor: small statues of animals that can function as paperweights, or holders for books, cups, and electronic devices.
  • Decorative stick candles and/or modern scented candles with natural colors like brown, grey, beige, and green.