Have Fun With Rock Painting

If you are looking for a new hobby you can do on your own or with the whole family, then you may want to consider painting rocks. There has been a recent boom in the amount of people who are finding joy in painting rocks, as well as those who also decide to even hide them in public for others to randomly find. Whether you want to paint rocks to decorate your own home or garden with, or you want to give them away to spread that joy, you can even find many online groups to join where you can correspond with others enjoying this same hobby. You can find helpful tips for rock painting right here, so you can start having a great time making creative masterpieces on rocks:

How to prepare the rocks - The first thing you want to do is to wash all rocks before you paint them. Even if you have purchased rocks from a store to paint, they may have dust, oils, or other stuff on them that can ruin the final product.  You can wash the rocks with a little dishwashing liquid and water. Set them in the sun or a warm spot until completely dry.

Choosing designs – You can paint the rocks in any design you want, but it can be more exciting when you go with the rock's natural shape. For example, if you find a rock shaped like a dog's head then it can be neat to paint a dog right into the rock so it matches the shape and looks more realistic and 3D.

Painting the rocks – You can use many types of paint on the rocks. Some examples include latex paint, oil paint, and acrylic paint. You want to prime your rocks with a light-colored paint, such as white. This will help all the other colors you paint it really stand out. Since you will be using white on every rock you paint, you may want to get yourself a larger quantity of white.

Once the primer has dried, you can paint the rock in all the colors you want and in any design. You can paint any size of rocks and use paint brushes appropriately sized for the design you have chosen. After the rock is done, you want to allow it to fully dry and then seal it with a clear protective sealer that will protect it against elements, such as dirt and water. Let the sealer dry and apply a second and possibly even a third coat depending on where the rock is going.

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