Sew Happy: How The Flowers For Freya Fabric Collection May Help You Beat The Blues

In the past, feed and flour mills began to manufacture printed sacks for their products in hopes the bags would be repurposed during a time when money was tight and supplies were limited. Homemakers began making clothing and home décor items from these printed sacks to add a little beauty to their lives when times were tough. The Flowers for Freya fabric collection was inspired by these feed sack prints and using them for your home décor and sewing projects is sure to lift your mood.  

A piece of the past

When you think about the history behind flour sack prints and how homemakers used the charming prints to make dish towels, placemats, aprons, curtains, and other home décor items, you cannot help but feel a connection to the past. As you sew with the beautiful prints and refreshing fabrics, you will smile knowing these same prints that brought joy to homemakers in the past are also bringing happiness to your life.

Provide inspiration

Whether you have the winter blues or are feeling a little discouraged because the world around you seems to be falling apart, Flowers for Freya fabrics exude a charming and simplistic beauty that is sure to lift your spirits. The delicate floral prints may inspire you to redecorate your kitchen or give your bedroom a makeover by making a lovely bed quilt and matching curtains.

Inspire creativity

Having the entire collection of the Flowers for Freya fabrics on hand will inspire creativity. Seeing all the fabrics together will fuel plenty of ideas for future sewing projects. You will never have to worry if a certain fabric will match like you do when you are putting together your own fabric collection.

Evokes memories of sunny days

Perfect for a winter project, Flowers for Freya fabrics will make you think of spring when the flowers are emerging after a long winter, or a summer day spent in your flower garden. Stitch up a new tote bag in one of the delicate floral prints and you may just notice a little spring in your step as you carry your supplies to work in your new tote.

If you are looking for fabrics that will bring a smile to your face, the Flowers for Freya collection are sure to delight you. Whether you are making a quilt to refresh a bed or stitching together a tote bag to carry to work, the sweet and charming prints, inspired by feed sacks from the past, are sure to be a bright spot in your life.

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