Wings Or No Wings?

Sprint cars and midget cars often have two extensions on top of the roll bars called wings. The wings actually have a role in keeping the car and driver safe, but these extensions aren't required on these cars. If you're going to purchase a midget sprint car, you'll need to decide if you want those wings added or not. Some wings are movable (not like bird wings), but they can be moved up and down the diagonal roll bars that surround the cockpit of the car. Knowing what the wings can do and how they'll affect your drive can help you make your decision. 

You Want to Stay on the Track

Midget sprint cars are small and light. In a high-speed race around a tight corner, the car can easily slide or drift. The wings create a down draft that helps keep the car on the track, preventing that extra movement. This is a lot safer than taking a chance on sliding around and possibly off the track.

They Will Slow Your Car Down

The force of the downdraft created by the wings does slow down your car. That doesn't mean you won't win the race. But you will have to deal with a car and engine performance that may not be as zippy as you'd like. Still, the ability to stay on the track and not slide around probably cancels out any delay created by the wings and their reduction in speed.

Are You Racing or Performing?

If the safety aspect doesn't help you make up your mind, ask yourself if you're racing or performing when you're on the track. Are you going for speed to win the race, or are you trying to keep people's attention and make them feel nervous or happy as you drive? Both are valid; you just have to decide which one you want to do because that will help you decide whether or not to have wings on the car during a particular race. Obviously, you want to win the race each time, if possible, but the effects of the wings are pronounced enough so that you have to be willing to run with how they change your speed.

Midget sprint cars, mini sprints, whatever configuration you're most interested in—when you buy one and start gathering accessories, wings can be a very good investment. Even if you don't get them at first, you'll quickly see how others use them to control the car as it speeds around a track.

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